Whistle Worthy Program

Are You Whistle Worthy?

Do you know how to swim? Have you ever thought about becoming a lifeguard? Try our free starter program designed to help you develop the necessary skills to become a certified lifeguard. Some level of swim is required to pass the simple prerequisite level to begin the program. To complete the program you must pass all 4 levels. If you pass you have the potential to be a Whistle Worthy lifeguard. If you join the program and lifeguarding isn't right for you, we will see if you are a fit for other jobs we have available.   

Free Program! 
Must be 15 Years of Age or Older

Saturday, April 23 | 10am to 11am
Level 1 – Welcome In – Meet & Greet, Swim Test – (Must pass to move to Level 2)

Saturday, April 30 | 10am to 12pm
Level 2 – Informational Session – Our Mission, Customer Service, Requirements for Passing the Lifeguard Certification, 
Interviewing pointers & Tips, Practice time for swimming (Must pass to move to Level 3)

May 2 through May 6 | 5am to 8pm
Level 3 – Must Complete at least 4 hours of practice time (must pass to move to Level 4)

Lifeguard Certification Course Level 4 - must attend all dates
Thursday, May 12 | 5pm to 8pm
Friday, May 13 | 5pm to 8pm
Saturday, May 14 | 8am to 5pm
Sunday, May 15 | 8am to end– Exit Interviews (Must Pass to take final free LG Certification Class)

Call 678.989.3380 for more information.