Kayak racing starting lineup

Events Hosted

  • 2003 Sprint canoe/kayak world championships
  • 2015, 2019 U.S. National Championships
  • U.S. National team trials
  • Canadian National team trials
  • 2016 Canoe/Kayak Pan American Qualifier
  • 2018 Dragon Boat World   Championships

A close-up photo of a dragon boatDid you Know?

In 2018, the world came to Gainesville and dragons raced across the lake for the International Dragon Boat World Championships. Over 17 countries embarked on Lake Lanier and competed in this international event. 

Gainesville’s hospitality is well known, and during the 1996 Olympics, we were announced as the “Hospitality Capital of the World”. Still today we live up to that title and welcome athletes from across the globe with open arms!