Available Programs

The City of Gainesville Environmental Services Division offers many programs that are available to all city and county residents and customers.

  1. Educational Resources
  2. Environmental Monitoring
  3. Water Conservation

  • Request an Education Program/Presentation 
  • Presentations in Local Schools and Community Groups - Each year, over 200 presentations are given to classrooms and community groups. Presentations are offered to all ages and can be tailored to any curriculum or agenda. In the past, lessons have been given on water conservation, environmental assessments, storm water pollution, and the water and wastewater treatment process. These lessons can be hands on or lecture based.
  • Storm Drain Stenciling - Environmental Specialists accompany citizen groups to spray paint "no dumping drains to stream" (In English and Spanish) signs on area storm drains. These drains are not treated before they discharge into streams and these signs act as a reminder that waste should not be poured down the drains.
  • Drinking-Water and Water Reclamation Facility Tours - These group tours offer a firsthand look into how your drinking water or waste water is treated.

This resource library contains videos and helpful links for teachers!