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Why Is Conserving & Protecting Our Water So Important?

The City of Gainesville currently provides 17.1 million gallons of water a day on average from Lake Lanier to residents of Gainesville and Hall County. By 2030, the area's population is projected to almost double. With the projected increases in demand, we must conserve our water to ensure an adequate supply in the future. We are also working to keep our water supply clean and free from contaminants while maintaining healthy aquatic habitat in our rivers and streams, which flow into Lake Lanier. 80% of the pollutants found in our waterways are from non-point sources or storm water runoff. 

Each time it rains, water runs off surfaces (such as roads, parking lots and lawns) and goes into storm drains that lead directly to our waterways, without treatment. This storm water carries with it fertilizers, trash, oil and various other pollutants. Through monitoring, education and community involvement, we are working to protect and conserve our most precious resource - water. The City of Gainesville has a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) that establishes different measures that the city uses to reduce the pollutants in stormwater and engage the community. The City's stormwater discharge is regulated through the Phase II MS4 permit issued by Georgia EPD. A new permit became effective on December 6, 2017. 

Due to this new permit, the City's SWMP will be updated in the coming months to comply with the new requirements. Check back for additional information as the SWMP is updated.

Water Conservation Resources

The City of Gainesville Department of Water Resources has been completing environmental monitoring and public education around our water resources since 1987. Since the program's inception, the city has won numerous awards and recognitions including being certified in 2008 as a 'WaterFirst' Community. The City of Gainesville is one of only twenty eight municipalities to receive this prestigious title.

Want to Get Involved?

Schedule an educational presentation, water assessment for your home or business, become a part of Adopt-a-Stream, or attend the cleanup. Please contact Water Resources' Public Education Program at 770-532-7462 or contact our staff for more information on the programs that are offered. Don't see exactly what you are looking for? We still may be able to help.

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